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website ranking tips

If you want to maintain your ranking position in search engine result page then this information will help you to maintain how to improve google search ranking of your website organically. Here are some basic website ranking tips that you should follow to maintain your website ranking.

To Get Good Domain Name

Choosing your domain name is one of the biggest plans for your website. Mind that the domain name is related to the content you are planning to produce in the site. Because the role of the good domain name is the first key of the success for website ranking.

Performing the main base word/keyword of the website in your domain name can set out to be very helpful. Choose a classy name and not a ridiculous/silly domain name. Usually, such ridiculous named websites are not taken seriously.

But sometimes it’s not necessary to make a domain name keyword associated with your niche, Because Branding is also an option for that. If you have one then it’s good because I still see a lot of niche sites ranking for the keywords and the search engine still understands it still after many Google panda and Google penguin updates.

Content Management System (CMS)

Generally, lots of people confused To select proper Content Management System (CMS) for their website. We advised you to select WordPress because its offer various plugins to make easily navigate your website.

Nowadays WordPress is one of the several used content management systems(CMS). It not only gives you amazing plugins but will also help you frame your images and content in a way which will make it easier for Google bots to cross. Although using a CMS is not a must, it is highly desirable. So it helps you to build a better website and also the plugins help you for a ranking website.

Responsive Web Design

As we know that there has been an extreme growth in the use of mobile and tablets, in the last few years. So most of the people or users have preferred browsing the internet through mobile devices.

To maintain your website ranking make sure that the content of your website is easy to readable when the users viewed through a mobile device. This is a very important factor that affects your SEO.

So make your website is fully responsive design if your website doesn’t navigate or provide a good interface to users, then the user ll shift to something that does.

Brand Building — Authorship

Google has latterly announced that they will remove the authorship images from search engine result page, SEO experts say about a brand building that, In a positive manner, Brand building or Authorship can affect a website.

However, only the image is separated off and authorship visits to the website. To set up the brand building you will need a Google+ account.

Keyword analysis

While doing keyword analysis look for a keyword that has low competition and high search volume. It helps you with website ranking while when you write articles relating such words as the keywords and easily gain more users.

Google Keyword Planner is a free SEO tool that will help you discover such keywords. Alternatively, by using a single word, it is advised to use key phrases. And also, make sure that you know how to use a keyword in the connection. However, the most important of things to get fast website ranking is to produce good quality content that your readers would connect to.

Link Building

To make link building, first, focus to build proper inbound links among the pages of your website. It gets easier for the user to navigate your web pages easily.

It is fine to use the keyword in the links but make sure that you link it only to a related page on your website. This can assist you to improve the rank of other web pages in your website.

Always use appropriate, high-quality links that go out of your site. This builds a trust to Google that what you are referring to is necessary and helps in Google website ranking. And this might finally push your website to the higher position in the search results. And, keep away from bad and low-quality links know more about link violation.

Use Social Media

Using social media is one of the most important SEO factors for website ranking. To broadcasting your article is a very important technique to improve your SEO and also get a lot of hits for your site.

You can share your article on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+( Google+ takes around 0.37% of the weight-age of your SEO page). So social media is the best way to reach out to people and they will follow you for your latest news.

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