Top 5 WordPress SEO plugins

top 5 WordPress SEO plugins

Top 5 WordPress SEO plugins

Top 5 WordPress SEO plugins that help you to boost your web pages. we know that WordPress is known as the monstrous ninja for blogging, your personal websites, landing page and more. It is the most powerful website CMS(content management system). we suggest you top 5 WordPress SEO plugins that you don’t need to hire some SEO experts to do SEO in your website. But you can do the half work of SEO by yourself easily. Know more about SEO.

SEO Yoast

In WordPress Yoast SEO is one of the best plugins for Search Engine Optimization. It is used for on-page SEO which is very user-friendly and it gives you everything related to on-page optimization.

By installing Yoast SEO you will get the situation to customize your page title, meta description and also a canonical option. you can add focus keyword easily.

Yoast SEO also gives you an option like you can connect with Google search console or google webmaster tools, Bing webmaster tools. That helps you to submit a sitemap easily.

It helps to also analyze the readability check of your content, robot.txt, permalink and more.

yoast WordPress SEO plugins

Google Analytics Dashboard for WPgoogle analytics

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP plugin allows you to track your site with Google Analytics tracking code which helps to view real-time status of your traffic in WordPress dashboard.

You can also an analysis in-depth page or in-depth post report that helps you to provide performance details for each page or post from the website.

You can check the Real-time number of visitors, Real-time traffic sources details, and Real-time acquisition channels.

You can also check Google Analytics Reports like organic searches, page views, sessions, bounce rate, locations, referrers, keyword, device categories, screen resolutions, mobile brands analytics stats and much more.

Permalink setting

Permalink is the most important thing to be examined in SEO. You need to make your page or post URL users friendly and search engine friendly, It is very important to improve your ranking. When you create page or post try to put your main keyword in URL.

It helps to google when someone is searching specific tern in search engine than google easily understand with your URL that includes your main keyword, and Google makes it bold that user easily makes a decision for a click.

permalink plugins

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache plugin is generally used to generates static HTML files from your WordPress blog. It is the fastest way by using Apache mod_rewrite (or similar module your web server supports) to serve “super cached” static HTML files.

Simple. Supercached static files can be followed by PHP and this is the suggested way of using the plugin. The plugin will serve a “super cached” file and lightweight SEO plugin WordPress.

WP-Cache caching is generally used to cache pages for known users, URLs with parameters and feeds. Known users are logged in users, visitors who leave comments or those who should be given custom per-user data.

WP Super Cache is recommended for simple caching, compress pages, cache rebuild, CDN support, don’t cache pages for known users, extra homepage checks.

wp cache plugins


A large image file is against from Google algorithm because it may be slowing down your website without you even knowing it. Smush WordPress SEO plugins are used to quickly smush every single image of your website.

Smush Image compression and optimization are most important WordPress SEO plugins that are used to optimize, resize, optimize and compress all of your images.

Now with image resizing, you can set max width and height and easy to compress your images.

There are many features available in the smush like you can optimize your images using advanced lossless compression techniques.

you can optimize any image in any directory and also it prepares JPEG, PNG and GIF image files easily.

You can manually smush your file individually in the media library and bulk up to 50 attachments at a time.

smush plugins


So, These Top 5 WordPress SEO plugins may help you to make your WordPress website user-friendly and also search engine friendly. Hope you like this then share it with your  friends & also suggest you read SEO Tips

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