Keyword in Domain

Keywords within the domain name is very important, it will be done whereas keeping the name short, memorable, and freed from hyphens.
Using keywords in your domain name offers you a powerful competitive advantage over your competitors. Having your keywords in your domain name will increase click-through-rates on search engine listings and paid ads likewise as create it easier to use your keywords in get keyword made descriptive inbound links.

Avoid shopping for long and confusing domain names. Don’t separate the words in their domain names using either dashes or hyphens. within the past, the domain name itself was a major ranking issue however currently search engines have advanced options and it’s not a really significant issue any longer.
Keep 2 to 3 words in your name which will be straightforward to memorize. a number of the foremost notable websites doing an excellent job like eBay, Yahoo!, Expedia, Slashdot, Fark, Wikipedia, Google, etc.

Optimized Keywords

A keyword could be a term that’s used to match with the query an individual enters into a search engine to seek out specific data. Most of the people enter search phrases that carries with it 2 to 5 words. Such phrases is also known as search phrases, keyword phrases, question phrases, or simply keywords. smart keyword phrases are specific and descriptive.

Key-word Frequency

It is calculated as however usually will a keyword appear during a web site title or description. Don’t go overboard with frequency, because, some engines if you repeat a word too repeatedly, you’re be penalised for “spamming” or keyword stuffing. normally repeat your keyword within the document as repeatedly as you’ll escape with, and up to 3-7 times in your list of metatags.

Key-word Weight

It refers to variety of keywords showing on your online page compared to the whole number of words showing on it same page. Some search engines contemplate this whereas determinant the rank of your website for a specific keyword search.

One technique that always works well is to form some smaller pages, typically simply a paragraph long that emphasizes a selected keyword. By keeping the variety of words to a minimum, you’ll increase the “weight” of the keyword you’re emphasizing

Key-word Prominence

Where your keywords are placed on a page is extremely necessary. as an example, in most engines, inserting the keywords within the Title of the page, or within the Heading tags can provides it a lot of relevancy. On some engines, putting keywords within the link text, the part that’s underlined on the screen during a browser, will add additional relevancy to those words.

Places to Put Key-words

Keywords in the <title> tag(s)

Keywords in the <meta name="description">

Keywords in the <meta name="keyword">

Keywords in <h1> or other headline tags

Keywords in the <a href="">keywords</a> link tags

Keywords in the body copy

Keywords in alt tags

Keywords in <!-- insert comments here> comments tags

Keywords in the URL or website address.

Finding Keywords


    • The potential words, people would use to search out your product or service.


    • The problems that your prospective customers could try and solve along with your product or service.


    • Keyword tags on competitor’s websites.


    • Visible page copy on competitor’s websites.


    • Related search suggestions on high search engines.


    • Using an internet tool such as Google Keyword Tool


    • By analyzing your web site fastidiously and searching for correct keywords. This task will be done by professional SEO copywriters.


    • Pay attention to stemming for your keywords – significantly to what the basis word is and what Google considers to be a match for that word, once optimizing pages over time.



word stemming

Google uses a feature called word stemming that permits all types of the word – singular, plural, verb type additionally as similar words to be came for a given search question. So if somebody sorts in “home plans”, not solely the pages that square measure optimized for that phrase however the pages that contain all variations of that phrase are came. as an example, “home plan”, “home planning”, “home planner”.

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