Google AdWords Campaign

google adwords campaign

Google AdWords Campaign

“Here you will learn about how to make Google Adwords campaign in easy step and know all the insights of Google Adwords campaign. Before you create this your account is associated with a unique email address, password, and your billing information. “

Structuring your campaign

AdWords is classified into 3 layers: account, campaigns, and ad groups.adwords create ampaingn

  • Account: Your account is attached to an individual email address, your password, and your billing information.
  • Campaigns: When you will start your campaign then make sure your account has its own budget and settings that define where your ads will appear.
  • Ad groups: Each ad group inside a campaign includes a set of similar ads & keywords that you want to trigger your ads to show.

You’ll establish your account into separate campaigns, Just focus on a single business goal with each campaign. One effective strategy is to build your campaigns around particular themes or products. Control the following at the Google Adwords campaign level:

● Networks and geographical locations where you want to show your ads ● Top-level settings that modify your ad groups ● How much you are prepared to spend on clicks, impressions or conversions from your ads

Making your ad groupsadwords adgroup

In each campaign, you will have to create one or more ad groups. An ad group allows you to create your campaign into sets of ads and keywords or it is a combination of keywords and ads that directly relate to each other, which can improve your Quality Score and help to boost your ROI(return on investment).

For Search Network campaigns, This will help you when someone searches your relevant keywords in the search engine and this helps to show your ads. That is relevant to the searches of people that you’re trying to reach. For campaigns targeting the Display Network, you can create appropriate ads to show to customers browsing websites about your relevant keywords or similar topics.

Creating ad groups

Each ad group includes a set of keywords, ads, and bids that you control. In Display Network campaigns, your ad groups can include other targeting methods, such as remarketing lists or demographics. In the search network or display network, there are  Some of the main components of ad groups for campaigns, That you will run on the Search network or Display Network. Here are some “Keywords Tips” for planning your keyword;

  • Think yourself like a customer
  • Group similar keywords into topics(keyword match type)
  • Improve your keywords with your goals

Researching new keywords

  • Use the Keyword Planner or Display Planner
  • Use keyword match types
  • Include negative keywords
  •  Review your search terms report
  • Optimizing your keywords


Ads Depending on the kind of campaign that you create, There are different types of ad extensions and ads formats will be available in AdWords. Keep in mind that all ads go through an approval process – Google wants your ads to be useful, relevant, varied and safe for users when showing them on the Google Network. Google review your active and paused ads, keywords, and website according to Google advertising policies.

Google Adwords gives you a lot of types ads formats include Texts, Ad extensions, Image, App promotion ads, Instream video, Product Listing Ads, WAP mobile,  Call-only ads.

Targeting your audience

In Google Adwords campaign targeting your audience is most important key to success, To Showing your ads to the right customer that helps you reach your goals. Here are the various ways in which you can use AdWords to display your ads:

    • Targeting you keyword is easily way to targeting your audience, Use keyword match types such as broad match, broad match modifier, phrase match, exact match and also negative match  to control which searches trigger your ad. You can also add negative keywords for campaigns that show ads on the Search Network or keyword prohibitions for campaigns that show ads on the Display Network.
    • Keywords are words or phrases that are used to match your ads with the terms people are searching for it in a search engine.
    • To select high quality, relevant keywords for your ads campaign that can help you reach the customers that you want.

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